Why I don’t care very much about tablets anymore

Why I don\’t care very much about tablets anymore.

This sums up a lot of what I’ve been thinking about my recent table experience versus my netbook. Granted, I’ve recently revamped and docked my netbook, but I find it just easier to use (and slightly faster on boot with Linux Mint 10) than I do with my Android ebook reader/tablet.

My tablet isn’t a bad device for what it is, but I find myself consistent going back to a keyboard and touch pad to let my fingers fly as fast as my thoughts rather than hunt and peck on the tablet while I second guess each word. I even find myself reaching for my smartphone before I grab my tablet for some light reading.

It feels like a shame. it isn’t the fault of the device, really. It is what it is. I knew that before getting it. However, it just sits there wanting to be used. Its a good epub reader with FBReader running, and I’d much prefer it to using my phone or the netbook. But I’m supposed to be creating rather than consuming content. It really is not a device meant for real creation. If it could run Flash properly, it’d be little better than a TV.

It feels more like a psychological problem with my own needs and laziness than a technological problem, frankly.

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