Something Brief…

You know its going to be an interesting day when your neighbor walked outside wearing a faded, orange hoodie that made him look like a misshapen traffic cone that had been left out in the sun for a few years and driven over a few times.

Times like these make me wonder if I should change my stance on having a twitter account?


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In lieu of content…

The Beatles – Paperback Writer.

Somehow, this little ditty feels more and me like a personal theme song. I just thought I’d share this evening as NANOWRIMO gets into full swing for the most of you while I keep plugging away at a fanfiction I started as a joke and has turned into a full, fledged project and exercise.

After all, while I iron some things out, I might as well have a bit of fun.

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100th Post!

Somehow, the fates worked it out that today is the 100th post. Well, I could have waited until the first, but its Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Be sure to go back to the 99th post to check out the special bit of writing I’ve got for everyone.

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The Sons of the Purple People Eater (Or the Great Erick Shelby’s Last Hit Record)

So I’ve got a work I tried to sell, but in the end I don’t think it would actually happen since it does reference a popular hit from way back when. Honestly, I love this song, and listening to it last Halloween made me really think things over. And since newer bands naming themselves after popular older songs is always in vogue, this came out of it. This is one of those bits of writing that formed simply by putting one word right after another until I was confident I had enough just to keep going with it until a decent end.

Just as a warning, there is some mild bad language and general references to the excesses of life. Drugs are bad. Stay in school.

Happy Halloween, folks!

So here we are:

Sons of the Purple People Eater (Or The Great Erick Shelby’s Last Hit Record)

by Patrick Anderson

in epub or pdf or just keep reading.

The drums, it’s the drums that are the key to a good band. These drums just aren’t working out. They’re the core of the band, and this core is playing at half the speed he is supposed to.

“Stop!” I yell into my microphone. “Just stop.” I point at Pete and crook my finger.

His bright, expectant eyes look back with deer-like wonder. I keep gesturing until he finally stands up from his stool and walks over to the door to the booth. My hand kills the mic.

“We’re recording!” I shout damn near loud enough the rest of the band could hear it through the soundproofing. “You can’t play it like in rehearsal?”

The small, skinny boy jumps and grabs his elbows defensively like I might hit him. I feel like hitting him. “There’s too much money sunk into this for you to fuck around. Do you hear me?”

He nods meekly before beginning to turn towards the door.

“I’m not done with you,” I snap. “Play it right.”

“’T’s our band,” he snivels in a near whisper.

“The fuck you think it is,” I jump up, pointing again. I hit “Play” on the board, isolating his drum track. “What does this sound like?”

He hunches into himself even tighter like he was about to curl up into a ball on the floor and have a good cry.

“Well?” I ask, feeling the rest of the band watching from the other side of the glass.

John comes over. He knocks. The new Strat that Wallace bought him hangs loosely around his neck. He gestures around himself. “Are we going to get back to this?” He yells.

Will, the bassist, put his instrument down and start towards the outside door.

I release the mic, “Okay, fine. Let’s take a break.” I was quickly losing control of these lads. I am sure George Martin had his days with his own favorite boys, but these boys are not the Beatles. They’re barely even Green Day, for fuck’s sake. Continue reading

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Autumn’s Concerto

I started this while listening to NPR on Yom Kippur during a long ride to work. It had me thinking about a few things involving the redemptive quality of the holiday. I was also driving during the earliest parts of the leaves turning here in Indiana. Words started to play in my head because of it.

And here’s what came of it. See the Creative Commons notice just to the left. Share it, reprint it. Just don’t claim it as your own.

Autumn’s Concerto

by Patrick Anderson

The music of peace and atonement wafts from the radio. Notes of despair, cries of loneliness, reminders of what we did play out in each concerto movement. A deep, sonorous horn calls us to worship.

Our collective past sings to our deepest soul.

However, we must drive on, admiring the world around us–ignoring the chill that is beginning to bite.

Leaves in reds, browns, and yellows drift down to the road. We drive over a growing bed of the past Spring’s growth as it comes to its timeless and timely conclusion.

The sun shines brighter with each fallen leaf in its autumnal striptease. It casts light on newly discovered and frequently forgotten sins.

Feel its healing touch as it warms our wounds.

Find peace.


Discover your forgotten sins.

Winter is coming.

The long darkness looms.

Our new sins are on the horizon.

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No Ordinary Angst

Finally, I got the new podcast ready for last weekend. It’ll count, I’ll live with it. I finally figured out it was just a memory issue with running the full 3D version of Unity. I changed it over to 2D, and it is working out nicely.

Honestly, Unity is much better than previous versions of the software. Even on a netbook, it doesn’t run too badly. Somehow, it is even smaller than my Linux Mint install. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

As for the mix, we’ve got a collection of angst. We’ve got some Monster Magnet, Stabbing Westward, Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, and the Deftones.

As for the Deftones track, “No Ordinary Love,” I know its a cover from a Sade hit from the eighties, but who cares. It got frequent play lately on Pandora recently and I can’t get enough of it. For some reason., bands from this era know how to handle the meodrama of eighties music better than some of the original performers who released the tracks.

Why is that?

K, suspects it its because as a group, and a lot of the bands in today’s mainstream, aren’t afraid of the dark.

Now, to lighten the mood:

Cracker – “Low”

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Linux Update

This weekend marks the first weekened I haven’t gotten a show up for over three months, and I promise I will very shortly. Instead, I decided to give full Ubuntu a try again and use Unity. In the months since I last gave it a shot, its been greatly improved with the recent upgrade. My on;y complaint might be that it runs a little big for what I’ve got under the hood on my little netbook. In fact, I think it is the reason why I can’t get Spreaker to work. Flash is a notorius memory hog, and adding that on top of Unity can’t be good.

Ah well, I do have other computers around to use. For now, its just fun to try out something new.

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The Nineties In Retrospect

For some reason, I’ve had this weird desire to go back and listen to some of the bands popular during my youth. I’ll admit that I was a grunge fan. I was even a fan of some of the lighter brands of industrial music. Yes, I’m still a Stabbing Westward fan. I was deeply affected by their angst.I still am in some ways, and not always through the lens of nostalgia.

However, in retrospect, I can’t figure out for the life of my, why. I come from a stable home. I may not have had the best school-life, nor that many friends. I may have been a loner, but I’ve always tended towards it. But ultimately, I don’t see where the angst came in. Was it a put on?

Recently, I was listening to The Casbah on KSYM’s podcast and their guest host was spinning (literally spinning) some old garage/psychedelic tunes from the 60’s. He’d owned a lot of it since it was new music, and he described it as just being “dance music” when it all came out. At the time, it was nothing more. Now. we’ve elevated it to something more. (He felt that it was justified, and I happen to agree.)

A lot of the music from the nineties seems to have done the reverse, where it was elevated and vaunted back then, but now it is losing its sheen as we get older. Have we lost our angst by having adult troubles? Or is the Nineties grunge almost as comical as the late 50’s and early 60’s girl groups with their melodramatic songs? We now revel in its melodrama to escape the real drama of our adult lives.

It maybe the later, but I still love it. It still taps a part of me that is still groping my way through being an adult and struggling against it. Now, some of the greater bands that have survived into the greater rock cannon do have staying power and musically, their lyrics have matured with us. I’m mostly thinking of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, but I cannot add Nirvana to that group.

So every now and then, I have to dig out “Wither Blister Burn and Peel” from the bottom of the pile and listen to on the way from work. I even created a station on my Pandora account to scratch the itch.

Of course, I still do it with Pink Floyd’s The Wall, which was grunge before there was grunge.

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Conditions of My Parole

So here we are with a new Puscifer album. I’ll admit, I’ve been a fan of this band before i even heard the complete, first album several years ago. I was pretty much hooked when I discovered Maynard James Keenan was using it for his solo endeavors.

So I’m biased.

However, even if it does not contain the absolute decadence of the last album, “Conditions of My Parole” is probably one of the more beautiful albums to listen to. There’s a lot of studio trickery going here, and that’s fine. It isn’t Tool or A Perfect Circle, and it just isn’t going to be. Unlike Steven Wilson or David Gilmour, The projects Keenan is involved in isn’t dominated by his individual talents. Each album, each project sounds like organic growth. His strong lyricism is there, but there is also a level of musical beauty going on that you wouldn’t normally expect.

This is an album you could cruise through wine country and listen to.

Unfortunately, the album cover makes my eyes hurt. What happened to the little devil stewardess?

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About Her Pale Blue Lies

I know, it’s about damn time. Here’s this week’s show, “About Her Pale Blue Lies.” There was so much I wanted to put into this one, I had to do two just to cover the whole hour of music I wanted to share this week.

As usual, it’s an eclectic mix ranging from Gordon Lightfoot to Tricky to Office of Strategic Influence. If you don’t know who any of them are, maybe you shouldn’t be listening to the podcast…

Or should you be?

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