Autumn’s Concerto

I started this while listening to NPR on Yom Kippur during a long ride to work. It had me thinking about a few things involving the redemptive quality of the holiday. I was also driving during the earliest parts of the leaves turning here in Indiana. Words started to play in my head because of it.

And here’s what came of it. See the Creative Commons notice just to the left. Share it, reprint it. Just don’t claim it as your own.

Autumn’s Concerto

by Patrick Anderson

The music of peace and atonement wafts from the radio. Notes of despair, cries of loneliness, reminders of what we did play out in each concerto movement. A deep, sonorous horn calls us to worship.

Our collective past sings to our deepest soul.

However, we must drive on, admiring the world around us–ignoring the chill that is beginning to bite.

Leaves in reds, browns, and yellows drift down to the road. We drive over a growing bed of the past Spring’s growth as it comes to its timeless and timely conclusion.

The sun shines brighter with each fallen leaf in its autumnal striptease. It casts light on newly discovered and frequently forgotten sins.

Feel its healing touch as it warms our wounds.

Find peace.


Discover your forgotten sins.

Winter is coming.

The long darkness looms.

Our new sins are on the horizon.

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