Conditions of My Parole

So here we are with a new Puscifer album. I’ll admit, I’ve been a fan of this band before i even heard the complete, first album several years ago. I was pretty much hooked when I discovered Maynard James Keenan was using it for his solo endeavors.

So I’m biased.

However, even if it does not contain the absolute decadence of the last album, “Conditions of My Parole” is probably one of the more beautiful albums to listen to. There’s a lot of studio trickery going here, and that’s fine. It isn’t Tool or A Perfect Circle, and it just isn’t going to be. Unlike Steven Wilson or David Gilmour, The projects Keenan is involved in isn’t dominated by his individual talents. Each album, each project sounds like organic growth. His strong lyricism is there, but there is also a level of musical beauty going on that you wouldn’t normally expect.

This is an album you could cruise through wine country and listen to.

Unfortunately, the album cover makes my eyes hurt. What happened to the little devil stewardess?

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2 Responses to Conditions of My Parole

  1. Lily.Phyre says:

    Thanks for posting about the new Keenan stuff. I am a fan = )

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