Back to the Transformers

First, it is that time of the week, and I need to pimp this week’s podcast over at Spreaker. It is a collection of bands with odd names that one way or another felt connected to listened to the early Smashing Pumpkins. I also tossed in a bit of Syd Barret’s solo work to pep things up. After giving it a listen all the way through without having to worry about the timings for recording, I think it is one of my favorite I’ve made so far on Spreaker. As I said, we’ve got some Syd, some Pumpkins to listen to, along with The Silversun Pickups, Chairlift (a new favorite around here), Manic Street Preachers, something new from Mates of State, and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart!

So venture on on over and get my listener stats up! Now. back to the Transformers…

I will admit, I’m surprised I am taking this fanfiction I’ve been working on as seriously as I have. Like a lot of good cover versions: I am taking what I like, and fixing what just doesn’t work for me. I just hope I am not doing to others what I feel Michael Bay did to our childhood memories.

I’d liked to hope that as I write it, I’m able to exorcise the those old desires to do this when I was little and coming up with Talesof the Super Robot (which no actual word of it exists beyond a scribbling in a notebook that had memories of the creation it). Maybe I won’t. Maybe my writing will still come from that little boy that really likes the adventure and wants to keep it going in his own mind.

That is the beauty of fanfiction, I think. It is flattery, and I am working on it mostly for myself (and for K, but that’s a different story.)

As I’m working on it, I’m endeavoring to make it a celebration of a lot of the science fiction I love. I’ve even got one of the Autobots transforming into a certain Corellian Freighter just because I can. I can give into my curiosity with the Singularity, Star Wars, Star Trek, John Scalzi, and I only know what other plot pickings I’ll grab just because I like science fiction that damn much.

It’s time I celebrate it rather than keep taking it too seriously. Simon R. Green has made a career out of writing thinly veiled fanfiction and satire for years. Why can’t I have a littler fun with it?

In the meantime, I keep meaning to link up K’s on going Transformers story called “Pursuit” which she and a friend of hers has been having a blast writing for a couple months now. Of course, this isn’t for kids in any way shape of form. It is barely even for my eyes.

Transformers: Pursuit

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