Progressive Rock Weekend

This weekend has been brought to us by the letter W for Steven Wilson, and the letter O for Opeth.

I know I’d been recently lamenting my failing enamoration with the art of album craft, but this past week has seen some interesting developments. Both Steven Wilson and Opeth released new albums, “Grace for Drowning,” and “Heritage,” respectively. If you’re fans of Progressive Rock, or even dark, beautiful music, you must listen to these albums. The Opeth has been on non-stop play in the car for almost a week.

I’ve mentioned the Steven Wilson solo album here before. The Opeth has always been a simmering enjoyment for years since I discovered them by way of Wilson’s involvement in their production. They may have moved into sounding more and more like a heavier Porcupine Tree, but that’s fine by me.

Now, this leads to this week’s podcast. We’ve got a track each from both albums, some Floyd, and RPWL (a band that if you haven’t heard, and love Pink Floyd, you should listen to.)

Episode 9 – Progressive Weekend

Finally, I also received back my latest rejection letter. K. says I should keep trying. I just wish I knew more than just “we don’t want your story.”

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