More Than Meets The Eye

The Transformers fervor that our little world seems to be caught up in deepening, growing, and all around becoming serious. Somehow, someway, I’ve been talked into weaving my own little Transformers fan-fiction by K. and her little friend Chi. It’ll be loosely based on their alternate reality they’ve built. It’s caused me to dive headlong into a show I never really thought too seriously about in decades.

Once, I was obsessed, and I’ll admit some of my earliest writings and creative play were based somehow on the concept of transforming, talking robots. (Better than He-Man, I think. Certainly better than the original Thundercats). I’ve been wanting to revisit some of those grand ideas I had in the distant pasts, and as I look back at the show, the comics, and the newer incarnations, I’m surprised at just how Space Operatic it really has become. (Or alternately, super-hero based).

Now that I begin planning this fan-fiction, I wonder just what I can accomplish with it. It will definitely be an exercise in some styles of writing I haven’t done very well, and I can use some help in. Some we’ll see.

Keep an eye out, I’ll be sharing it with you all as well, I’m sure. So…

Transform and Roll Out.

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