Mental Health Day and Vampire Dreams

Unfortunately, I needed another mental health day from work. Lucy’s funeral was yesterday and there are a lot of lingering questions left unsaid right now in my mind. I’d rather resolve these rather than dig into the details of worrying about someone else’s petty problems over the phone, frankly. Honestly, since we were living here on goodwill, for the most part, we’re very worried we might soon be homeless with an iffy income to make rent and pay down the bill accumulated through all of our other previous bouts of bad luck.

I just… I just needed a day to cope and acclimate before I get myself in trouble by saying the wrong thing at work. I could feel it coming.

So, in the meantime, I thought I’d through up something from my American Moon collection of work.

Vampire Dreams

Dreamed last night.

Dreamed the radiation detectors went off.

We could die, they told us.

Herded, we were brought into the great auditorium for our protection.


It was there I met the mysterious owner of the company.

He stood before us in a great cloak covering top hat and tails.

He said it was the end of the world.

They all said it was the end of world.

The doors were barred to protect us from the fallout outside.

It was something about the reactor, they muttered.

Trust us, he commanded.


But I knew it all just lies.

Something in his eyes. Something in the way his fangs glinted. Something about the way he hungered.

Management’s feeding frenzy began.


Blood flowed all around me. I reached for something, searching for the stake that would bring about the end. Instead, with a button pushed, an umbrella popped out in front of me.

It protected me from the blood long enough for me to be jarred awake.


I never saw it coming before my alarm screamed, signaling that I had died in my dream as a vampire’s feast.


Was it better than the slow death of the waking world? Was quick? Was it painless?

Will it be when the vampire finally comes for us all?


They will make zombies of us. It is their right. Their desire. Our lot in life.

He waits for us between our dreams, stalking.

What will you have in your hands when he comes? An umbrella or a stake?

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