The Waiting

Yesterday, I submitted another story I’d been editing off and on for almost a year to a science fiction magazine. I’d tried this last year while unemployed and was shot down twice, happily. Of course, those two pieces I’d submitted didn’t quite have the editing I’ve put this one through. Ultimately though, its still in the same general form of the original draft. I just don’t know if it would or even should be accepted.

It’s the waiting though. It is the waiting to be validated by someone I’ve never met that is keeping me breathless. My latest story first draft is up for review, and I’ve been waiting perpetually there too.

The waiting, the validation, it’s maddening. At least, I’ve got a new story I’m already working on. We’ll see how it goes.

Now, there’s work to be done to earn my daily bread, so I can keep the lights on and keep writing…

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