Pandora and Google Music

I know more and more it seems like this blog is just here to advertise my little podcast over on Spreaker, but it is my blog and I can go whatever I want with it.

Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more how my listening habits have finally changed and retrogressed the same way everyone else’s have in the modern era. I blame this partially on my reliance on cloud based services and the crappy upload speeds Verizon grants us here in Brazil, and the ever present 3G service that’s all around us. Increasingly, I’ve been flipping between listening to my various stations on Pandora for something to listen to and listening to all the free music offerings on Google Music.

I mean retrogressing because this signals an end to my devotion to listening to an album as a complete whole as so many did for so long. There are some bands I can’t stop treating their songs as part of a whole (Pink Floyd or King Crimson, for example), but I’ve been spending more and more time listening to what is, essentially, well curated radio. Payola may, or may not be included.

This also marks the first year in which I struggle to remember a single album that I’d put in a best of list for 2011 in many, many years. I honestly don’t think I’ll even bother with one as I discover so much music I missed paying attention to one direction or another.

Before coming home from work last night, I was still struggling on what to put in this week’s podcast, so while reviewing some stories on Scribophile I had Pandora on for us both. Not too far in, I had the beginnings of this week’s mix. I have a feeling their might be more of these down the line.

So in the spirit of all this, I’m also revealing one of K’s big secrets. Before last night, she’d never seen Lily Allen’s “Smile” video.

I would also like to thank everyone who has been dropping in lately and bringing up the hit count up. And thank you to all you Pioneers too!

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