The Political World

From a discussion in someone else’s thread in Facebook, but its been bubbling up in me for a while. I’ve been struggling with how to act. Do I join up, or do I just become another voice ranting and raving on the Internet?

This pertains to how the boomers have treated the country between being the front lines of the Civil Rights and Anti War movement to being the Yuppy-trash of the 80’s.

“Turning the boomers is an easy scapegoat for to pin everything on, I know. And looking back on the previous generation for their successes and failures is all just 20/20 hindsight tinted by whatever point we’re looking to prove. It still doesn’t answer the big question of what we, or I will do to fix the problem.

Blaming just makes me feel like a liberal Tea Party member yelling and not actually coming up with ideas. When do we start with solutions.

Do we blame Nero while Rome burns around us, or do we grab a pail of water and join the fire brigade? Should we even bother and just wait for it to burn and start building all over again?

It worries me that razing the whole damn thing and starting fresh as a planet might be the best thing for us.”

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