Back on the Horse

I’ve been anxious all week since the fire. It was so bad on Monday after the massive cleaning spree on Sunday that my hands shook the moment I started thinking about things and what I almost did. I’d been angry and downright mean to the people I love.

Was it because of my fear, or the stress? I don’t know, but I knew it was time to do something about it. Whenever I’d go to prepare anything this past week, I’d second guess myself, doubling and triple checking everything I did. Because of it, and the desire to get out of the kitchen, whatever I made came out bland and tasteless.

Tonight, I did something about the anxiety and got back on the horse. While I did my best not to look up at the burned out scars that our hood had become, I poured oil into my chicken fryer and fried us up some fried chicken.

The night of the fire, it was the best chicken tenders I’d ever made. I felt like if I could replicate, and at least get it close to how awesome it was; I would overcome my fears. I took more safety precautions this time. I kept the baking soda close. I kept the lid to the pot close. I wrapped everything on the stove that I wasn’t using in tin foil. All around, I did more.

I’m glad to report, I feel like my cooking abilities are restored. The chicken came out better than the last time around.The anxiety feels like its passed as well.

I told K that it felt like my kitchen again, and not the fire’s.

I’m also happy to report my hot sauce only got better after an extra week in the fridge.

I’ve also got a new podcast up on Spreaker as well. Check it out.

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