Dark Faith

Apex Book Company — Dark Faith edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon.

This seems to be becoming recommendations week and here’s a short story collection that frankly scared the living crap out of me. Still, there’s quite a bit good to read as it deals with Faith in a fantastical way that turns makes it all very real. The publisher is also somewhat local to all of us in the midwest, so it feels like picking up something cool from locals. There’s a lot of new, big names in this volume. It is not all Judeo-Christian-centric either. But those are the ones that seem the creepiest.

I have the ebook edition, but I can’t seem to find it on the site right now.

Close Encounters of the Urban Kind

If you need something a little different, but still creepy, they also have this. Close Encounters and Urban legends all rolled up into one in the kind of way that would make K. shiver.  (She doesn’t like little green men.)

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