Somehow, a mania has swept our house recently. I always thought it would be me, but it was K instead. She’s been overtaken by a deep fascination with the Transformers, so deep she has been working on some Fan Fiction of her own. On her own, she’s written enough to have a low end of a novella.

Her and I met over Harry Potter fan fiction, of a sort. We both rolled played various characters and once I had a few fan fiction stories planned out of my own within that world. As time wore on, I put them aside in favor of working on original work. It’s not like you can seriously publish fan fiction (unless your John Scalzi, of course).

But of all things K could develop a fascination of, its the Transformer. Not just the Transformers of our youth, but Michael Bay movies that hurt me a bit inside just to watch. I know it isn’t much of a stretch, but her story is, so far, better than anything the Hollywood script writers put together. I’m not amazed, but it is still the Transformers.

The Transformers are something I’ve come to love the memory of rather than the actual thing. They’ve become an intangible piece of my deep past and possibly, part of my develop as a creative mind. It’s strange to see the whole thing being revisited in such a creative way. I can’t even watch the original episodes to Gen 1 anymore without getting bored and wondering what I really loved about the show.

Of course, it seems like we could say anything about the 80’s. It’s always best in our memories, and not thought about too deeply.

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