Slave to the Wage

Older I get, the more I think about things like American Independence. In fact, the older I get, the more I learn about my ancestors involvement in the war, I find myself considering a lot of things.

I’m not so naive to think that the ideals of our nation were solidified when the first shots were fired in Lexington and Concord. I know they took years to evolve, and even then the founders never truly lived up to those ideals as we view them. Even today, we don’t really seem to get it.

At least. some of my ancestors were on the losing side. I can only guess at their reasons based on land grants given to them in Canada after the war. Its easy to think our nation to be made up entirely of the good guys, and being American, I must come from good guys too.

Then there’s the things we’ve done, and still do to ourselves and our neighbors. . .  I’ve written about that before, as have so many others have elsewhere.

Yesterday, I worked, and therein lies my questions about our sincerity to our ideals, to our independence. I work for a company that provides third party services for a major American company. I won’t really say which right now, but suffice it to say, this company defines the term “blue chip stock.”

I don’t provide that vital of a service. Really, its not something that would really keep their services from running if our department wasn’t there for a day. Hell, its not like I even provide a service detrimental to our community.

When our parents were kids, everything closed for the Fourth: everything ever where. It was a mid-summer holiday of family and community. People went to the park, cooked out, had their big festival, and contests, and whatever, and then watched fireworks. Most importantly, we shared the ideals that made us a free nation with the community.

Where did we lose that? When did our Independence become another commodity traded by the biggest companies in the world? When did we become their slaves again?

The values enshrined in our founding documents are important, and they’re slipping away from us. We want cheap stuff, we want to be “safe.” We’re slowly giving up our grip on the American Dream.

The American Dream isn’t just a house and kids. Isn’t even just doing better than the generation before you. It’s about a group of people who’ve chosen to be allied together and agreeing to support each other and rise together. The American Dream is about our country coming together to tackle the big challenges, and do the big things.

Instead, we gave it all up to our big companies. We’re selling the American Dream for corporate peanuts.

Why? What is it getting us? Why the hell are we here if we’re just sitting around explaining to each other how we’re being dicked by companies, and how its a good thing? When do we rise as a country again?

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