More whining about writing. . .

It seems like most of the time, I really am more interested in preparing to write than I am the actual act of writing. I sit in front of the computer, carefully arranging programs, plugins, operating systems just so I can begin to string words together.

This evening, rather than getting down to it, I sat down in front of my finance’s desktop with the full intention on getting something worthwhile started. I even opened Libre Office and still have a blank page. Rather than developing a coherent idea, I tweaked my user account even more by adding a few missing programs I like having around and by adding my Ubuntu One and Dropbox accounts to the machine.

At least, from here on out, I’ve got no more excuses until I think of more things that must get in the way of Destiny and writing award winning material. Working and keeping house have a funny way of pushing me towards easier diversions. Even another soul sucking, often-watched episode of Family Guy is easier to handle than trying to pull words from the ether so they could be stitched together into something coherent (let alone good).

It is easier to prepare to write than it ever is to do the act itself. You can never go wrong in preparing if you never actually start. Bottled, potential genius is easier to claim than it is to risk putting the ideas out there and letting them stand on their own. Its easier to load a program down with extensions than it is to use the bloody thing anyway.

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