Over A Year

It’s Friday and I’ve got the reminder flashing on my phone that I need to update this blog. I come, I go, I bitch about it, but for whatever reason, I’m never serious about sitting down and posting to it. Since I started working again full time, I’ve been that way about writing too. So many other things become more important than the thing I believe is important to me.

So many thing, but I feel like the only thing I’ve done in my leisure time is dick around with various Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

Despite what I previously posted months ago about liking the Unity interface, I never really took a shine to it. Even if it was meant to be a netbook interface, it ran like molasses. It still does, really, based on the latest version of Ubuntu 11.04. At least, this is the problem on my machines with it. Its pretty, but it still feels empty to use.

So like I said, I’ve been messing with a few derivations. I’ve experimented with Joli OS, Moon Os, Pinguy OS, Elementary OS, and Bodhi Linux. The only one I’ve kept so far is Elementary OS because its been fairly stable on a couple of old Dell’s I’m still using. (Even though I just use one of those for recipe look up and as a player for Pandora One.)

Consistently, I’m still using Linux Mint on my netbook, and with the latest version it looks like it’ll be installed on my HTPC, removing Bodhi Linux I just installed. I like Linux a lot, but I’m a lazy Linux user and I don’t like doing a lot of configuring right away. . . Pinguy is cool, but too full featured for my needs. Joli is a brilliant idea, but I need a full desktop. Moon almost suited, but since it was still based on Ubuntu 10.10, I kept needing to add PPA’s for programs I want to use.

Which is funny, since its all I want to do with my two Android devices, but that is mostly just downloading one app after another for no good reason. However, I’ve got the WordPress client on both of those devices and I never get around to using it.

Do I really just have nothing interesting to say?

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