After six months, I am back to giving eight hours of my day to an employer in exchange for cash. With any luck, I cashed out my last unemployment check for a good, long while.  I cannot begin to express how good it feels.

At present, I’m not even doing anything meaningful with my working hours. Right now, its all just training in how to do the job. Honestly, I’m a bit bored, but I knew I would be. Its giving me a chance to really consider things, and with luck, it will answer one big, lingering worry I’ve had about going back to school: Can I really handle it?

I know many people my age and older have done it, but it damn near frightens me to be in class after class with people in their late teens and early twenties. I’m about to hit thirty, and while it isn’t that huge of a difference, there is still some huge psychological differences between myself and my peers in this training class.

Simply put, I’ve seen more, and done more. I get impatient with wasting time. I’m at a point in my life where I want to be doing things rather than just screwing around. I want to be home with my fiancée rather than out partying. I find my money going to bills quicker than I’ve got a chance to spend it.

I’ll get past this. I will find a way to learn what I have to for the position. If I can do that there might be a glimmer of a hope of me overcoming the other two, big obstacles for going back to school: Time and Money.

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