Miami Recap

I’ve been remiss the past couple weeks. I’ve been meaning to put up some thoughts and musings from the trip, but none have really come to mind. Miami is still Miami. It was nice, relaxing, and as I said previously, it was a trip of new beginnings as opposed to revisiting the past. Since, Kammie and I have been seriously discussing a future relocation back down there. There just seems to be more budding opportunities for artists there than there ever will be in the heart of Indiana.

Personally, I can hone my craft wherever, but Kammie’s needs to be seen.

Really, the biggest thing about the trip was that Kammie and I decided to move from being in a long term relationship, to actually being engaged. I asked her to marry me, and for some cracked reason, she said yes.

Then I promptly got the flu on the way home, and she proved she was serious about “in sickness and in health.”

Anyway, the best way to really get a feel for the trip is through her pictures from the three days. Her journal entries also contain more information about everything we saw and did. In summary, we ate a lot, and introduced Kammie to some new things.

There are prints for sale. Buy her prints!

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