Illness and Bad People

I meant to post practically the moment I returned from Miami. Instead, on the last day of the trip, I came down with the flu. A week and a half later, I am finally mentally fit enough to string words together into sentences. It was, by far, one of the worst experiences with the flu I’ve ever endured.

Somewhere in the middle of it, when I was beginning to experience vertigo, and I realized I was forgetting to eat, it dawned on me how important my lost health insurance really was.

I never really needed it while I was employed. However, since I became part of this nation’s great 9%, it became glaringly clear just how useful it could have been. I really was that sick. There was more than one day I wished I could see a doctor, and get a prescription for something better than the over-the-counter medication I was downing.

I could have gone to a clinic, but usually they just want to get the patients in and out. Besides, the times I had taken K. to one, the advice we received was down right laughable. For a stomach ailment, they said she should eat uncooked broccoli or cauliflower when they already knew she could not keep anything down. We gave it a shot, but I wound up cleaning up what wouldn’t stay down. Since, I haven’t been terribly convinced they know that they’re doing. Well meaning can only carry me so far when it comes to health.

Being sick this time around really hammered home how much our country needs something more than what we have for a health care system. I don’t like the fact that I would be given a choice of further enormous debt or death if something major comes along.

My worry is that with rather than saddle my family with that kind of trouble, I’d simply pass on doing something about it. It makes me wonder how many Americans making these tough decisions.

I also don’t like facing a few weeks until my unemployment is cut off because of a standoff in Washington. (I would also like a job to make the whole immediate worry moot, but I’m not going to hope too hard anymore.)

For me, there is no more weighing of an ideological divide. There is no more reason to debate. Increasingly, the people between my day to day survival, and their tax cut for people who aren’t hurting is just become a waiting game with Bad People.

I may not ascribe to many Christian beliefs anymore, but I am starting to apply a “Sunday School Test” to my political views. I’m pretty sure most people got the same general lesson in how to love Sunday after Sunday (or Saturday after Saturday).

You do for others. You do for the less fortunate. You do for your elders. You take care of your kids. Everything else is up for debate.

The Republican Party has time and time again broken those basic things in our country. We don’t take care of kids anymore. We don’t take care of the poor and working poor. We don’t take care of the veterans and elderly anymore. And they sure as hell aren’t looking our for anyone but their contributors.

It might sound like Socialism to a lot of them, but its Right. It is just how people are supposed to live with each other.

I am just sick and tired of genuinely Bad People running our country into the ground.

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