Cooking on Unemployment: Jiffy is Your Friend

Earlier this week, I was joking around with Kammie and my mother about all I’ve managed to do while being perpetually off. The big thing has been to come up with some killer meals while living on nearly nothing.

As things go along, I’m going to try to get together some rules for eating and cooking on a tight ass budget.

My first big rule is that Jiffy is your friend. You might want to ignore some of the more unsavory aspects of their product recipe, but we’ve all been eating their cornbread since the dawn of time. I try to keep a few boxes handy for what not.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend suffers from an allergy to yeast that makes more conventional pizza doughs and breads damn near impossible, but this works out nice. I’ve followed the recipe a few times, made some nice pizzas (if a little heavy). I’ve made garlic bruschetta more than a few times to go with pasts. And recently, I’ve been all about turning it into griddle made flat breads. Luckily, this stuff works out perfectly.

I made the recipe as it is on the box. I roll them into balls, kneading in some extra flour. I use a bit veggie spray, tin foil, and a cast iron pan to flat them out. Then, I work them around like pizza. Then, I throw them on the hot pan, and flip them when they’re ready. It’s a jiffy to make up a bunch.

They come out nice and flexible, like the kind you get in the store. Earlier this week, we polished off a bit of pulled pork simmered in BBQ sauce. We couldn’t get enough.

I also try to keep cornbread handy. Like a friend of mine recently noted, it’s just a bit of milk and an egg to make some up. And the boxes are usually under fifty cents a piece. You really can’t beat that.

Thanks, Jiffy, even if you are made of some lard.

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