Maverick Meerkat and More Whining.

I know, I have been pretty bad about updating this blog. Somewhere along the way, I just did not feel like I had anything worth throwing out to the world. Well, I have, but then I get second thoughts and find something else to do.

I thought I would bother posting today because I updated my netbook to Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. I’m actually posting this post from it.

On the whole, I’m liking the new Unity interface for the Netbook Edition. I was not sure I would go for the favorites bar on the left of the screen taking up some real estate, but losing that in favor of some vertical space isn’t bad at all.

I have been using Ubuntu for almost a couple years. I cannot classify myself as an expert, and I believe that would make me their target user. On the whole, it has been a decent introduction to Linux, even if it does not force me to really learn more about the operating system. It does what I like, and I am not complaining.

On the writing front, I am still plugging away at it. I’m finding it difficult getting David through the paces, and where I would like him to be.

Alas, I’ll keep at it. I’ve made a goal of being published on some level within the next five years. I’m working on a commitment of writing 250 words a day at the bare minimum. I am going to try to use the blog for it.

Also, I still need a job. I worked out the Unemployment (assuming I still get to keep it), and I realized that I am taking in less than minimum wage. Sorry, its bullshit.

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