Trip Hop Classics By Kid Loco Trip Hop Classics By Kid Loco: Kid Loco: MP3 Downloads.

I just thought I would throw up a quick review.  I was listening this tonight while trying to do some cleaning around the house.  I have been listening to trip-hop off and on since 2000 or so when I was introduced to the glories of the Internet and friends were telling me to check out this English group called “Massive Attack.”

When I saw this floating around, I knew I had to give it a listen.  It reacquainted me with a lot of old favorites, and introduced me to a lot stuff I had not heard.  It was the new stuff I will be digging through for weeks.

The only thing I can’t get with is Kid Loco’s Tricky selection: “Revolution Evolution Love.”  How is that a classic over “Hell is Round the Corner” or Pumpkin or anything else off Maximquaye?

Here’s someone’s student film to Tricky’s “Aftermath”

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