Frak Me

I know I’ve been away from this little blog of mine for a couple weeks ago.  Somehow, I had messed up my foot, and it has taken up a lot of my energy.  It has affected damn near everything around me, keeping me mostly laid up.

Seriously, I was beginning to worry about bed sores as I sat around on the couch for almost two weeks.  It see hurts, but instead of a constant stream of ibuprofen and f-bombs, its just hurts enoughfor that great Science Fiction curse “frak” (or Frell depending on your science fiction persuasion).

I will be okay.  I am certain of that much.

In the meantime, I did manage to finish my first story in a very long time, and I’m pretty proud of it.  I am also debating the next thing to work on.

Really, though, I need a damn job.  I’m still searching and working on  it.

I had to head into Terre Haute this morning for a meeting about Reemployment Training.  Since I am drawing unemployment, the State feels like I might need some help getting a new job.  I am trying to be optimistic.  There might actually be some workshops and classes I can use to brush up on my skills.   I am not going to hold my breath.

We were also reminded that we had never paid in, but the businesses we worked for paid into the Unemployment Insurance pool.  I wonder how true that is, really.  I also am forced to wonder if the insurance was not there, would we have gotten that money as part of our wages?

What a mess we have gotten ourselves into.  But hey, I am writing again!  I keep reminding myself that Mario Puzo wrote the Godfather when he was really short of cash, maybe I can pull off a few smaller miracles?

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