The Postal Service

I am spending another evening on the couch doing my best to think over some character stuff while I wait for the main machine I write on to cool down.  For some reason, AbiWord makes the damn thing overheat.

I suspect it might also be from puttering around most of the day with it on.  It is an aging laptop that I’ll be looking to replace as soon as I can.

I went digging through the mp3 collection, and found something I hadn’t bothered to listen to in a long time.  Somewhere, The Postal Service went from being a small, warm, little album to being an indie rock cliche.

As I work through it one more time, I can’t help but notice just how warm it is, even if the lyrics come off as a little depressing.  “Such Great Heights” always makes me feel like something is about to fall just short.  It might just be from the band’s and the indie scene as a whole being exposed with the film “Garden State.”

Personally, digging out those tunes take me back to a very odd time in my life.  I recently found a box of notes and scribbles that mostly date back to then, including the playlists for mixes I sent to a girl I was involved with at the time.  There was also some writing that she had been inspirational.

Besides, last night a very good friend of mine forced me to read over some writing we did as a part of the Harry Potter role playing universe.  It was crap, but still it was enough to force me to mull over life during that period.  It was like I was just beginning to stretch my wings as a writer, but I could never really take off.   I had a lot of good ideas, but the bulk of them were shelved until recently.

Of course, I have to be thankful for that period too.  It was the one that prepared me to being with Kammie.

As I go through it all, I find it interesting that I am being nudged to review it all just as I begin to really think about the future again.

The Postal Service’s Give Up really is an album for contemplation and review.

(Which is why, by the end of writing this, the album had ended and I went back to my usual auditory diet of Steve Wilson projects.)

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