Empire and Tales of The Super Robot

Unfortunately, this is not last night’s lost post.  I managed to work a lot of that out into what will hopefully be a new story.  I just need to take those ideas and weave them into some sense of a plot.

In the meantime, I gave up on getting anything accomplished an hour or so ago, and put on “The Empire Strikes Back.”  One of my earliest memories come from watching this movie.  I remember being sick to my stomach, so sick I wouldn’t eat and would need to be whisked off to the doctor.  I was laying down on the crappy old couch my parents had (which as I further reflect, was probably a futon) and watching the Battle of Hoth.

Empire would have only been a couple years old, and I suspect I was about four when I first saw it.  I might have been as old as five, and it was a Saturday.  I think that was the morning my love affair with Star Wars and Science Fiction began.

Well, between that The Transformers, and oddly enough, Star Trek IV.  I also remember my grandmother watching one of the higher numbered Planet of the Apes films, but I can’t be too sure.

I was going back through some notes I’d written a few years ago and found a few notes based on some old stuff I had lying around.  Apparently, I was planning on writing Science Fantasy since then.  I had a character called “Super Robot” I must have worked on around 1987.  Vaguely, I remember some drawings I did.  I might even have wrote a story.  I think he might even have looked like Futurama’s Bender with a cape and a gun.

Ah, to be 7 years old again.

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