The Dole

Well, the government finally came through and settled everything with my Unemployment compensation.  I am now what Newt Gingrich affectionately called “welfare,” even though it is not welfare at all.  It isn’t even the public dime.  It is money I paid into after years of working.  I should feel like I earned it.

It still feels a bit like free money, and I cannot shake that slight stigma I’ve got from not working.  I’m not working to support our odd little family right now, and it bothers me.

I know I’ve got long term goals I should be working on, but our short term needs keep niggling at me.  Maybe it is just how I grew up?  Did I grow up with more old fashioned values than I thought?

Well, here’s to FDR and Truman.  Thank god we all grew up in their American and not Hoover and Lindberg’s.

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