Surprisingly, I have trouble finding art work of zeppelins to use as reference.  I’m not even being particularly picky at this point.  I’ve been able to map out a short story that just needs a lot more detail, and of course, I had to put a zeppelin in as a focal point.  I am mostly looking for steampunk concept art to get the ideas rolling.  Essentially, the story needs drapes.

If anyone following along out there has any art work recommendations, feel free to send it along.

Luckily, the ideas are beginning to come along, and I’m getting a bit of writing done when I can.  I also had someone from my old DeviantArt page say she wanted more from an old short story I’d written several years ago.  I said I might think about it, and work on editing the story a little more closely.

Plot-wise, I feel like it stood fine as it was, but it needs a whole lot of polish to fix it up.  Originally, I considered drawing it out, and adding a whole story to the afterwards, but I don’t know if its really necessary.

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