Fire in the Dark

I wanted this blog to be about more than just my whining.  I also spent a lot of years thinking about music.  Some of them, I was even poorly paid to sell it.

Today while digging around, I found this cool mix of what is essentially: black rock.  It is all recent artists, not many of whom I know.  Actually, I think I only know one band on the mix, but I look forward to discovering more.

This is also more than just funk or fusion that venture into rock territory.  However, I can’t say any of the bands are as good as Love or Black Merda or Funkadellic.  But who is, really?  At least, it firmly avoids getting too much into Darius Rucker territory.

Various Artists – Fire in the Dark

Also, the website where this is featured looks like it’s got a whole smörgåsbord of mix tapes to dig into.   It’s also on Amazon as one of their free albums, so grab it while you can.  The only thing about it is that it makes me miss sharing my own mixtapes.

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