Laundry Day

I had a lot of plans for today, but I put them all aside because of a pressing need for clean underwear.  I didn’t mean for it to go that long, but that is what happens when you begin to lose track of the days.

Did you know that it is Thursday, quickly approaching Friday?  I’ve been at this unemployed almost long enough for the unemployment to properly kick in.

Around here, in our Knightsville abode we didn’t get much done aside from wait for the washer and dryer to do their thing.  I even had so much time to kill I was able to fire up the ice cream maker, and successfully make a sludge that was a bit like a milk shake rather than proper ice cream.  Kammie enjoyed it, and that was what was important there.  I’m going to keep working with the recipe.

More unsuccessfully, however, I’ve been attempting to write.  I sit down, open up the notes and the blank page, and wait to be properly possessed by the characters that never seem to come.  They, like me, seemed to be more interested in re-watching the Spiderman movies rather than doing any real work.

I know why the ideas aren’t coming.  I’m too busy trying to stay preoccupied, or too busy trying to solve my more immediate needs rather than scratch the itch.  The job search demands obsessive priority, even if I know there are limits to how much I can really accomplish.  This blog helps, but its only barely helping. . .

Got to keep it up.  Got to get out of here for a while to focus on something other than the work around the house.

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