One week.

It has been just a few minutes over a week since I came home to tell my girlfriend about being unemployed.  Since then, not much as truly changed, but how I am handling it certainly has.  I’ve applied for a few positions that have cropped up, and I keep looking.  Now, I’ve got a more positive outlook than I did last week.

I’ve gotten a fresh haircut, and a fridge full of food.  I am still waiting for unemployment, but I’m feeling more confident about that too.  We’ll be okay.

Luckily, I am blessed enough to be with someone who is understanding and supportive about all this.  We were at Shades State Park this weekend, and joking around she asked why I loved her.  I joked back, and told her I was not going to get into it.

Truly, that is one of the many reasons.

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One Response to One week.

  1. Aubianne says:

    D’awwwww. That’s adorable. And, good for you! Are you finally getting off your arse and doing some serious writing — like Uranus just kicked you in the very-same-place to get you to do?

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