Day Three

In three days, I’ve turned a corner, and I’m beginning to feel hope.  It might also be because the final paycheck hit my back account today.  Sure, I am still worried about what will happen a week, two weeks, even three weeks from now, but I’m applying for jobs, and getting my references together.  It is a step in the right direction.

After moving to the Wabash Valley back in 2008, I found myself jobless then too.  I cannot say the economic situation of the area was any better then than it is now.  I found a job in a little less than a month.  I can bust my ass, and do it again now too.

Also, Kammie had the day off, and I’ve been able to spend it with her.  We had lunch.  We rode around.  We watched the bunny that lives in our yard run around on our porch.  It’ll be those little things that keep the doubts and the demons away.

Surprisingly, so will the Venture Brothers.

Go Team Venture.

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