Terminated. Fired.

I always knew my mouth would get me in trouble.  It has been something I’ve struggled to keep under control ever since I left college.  I keep my mouth shut, and my head down.  I always thought it would be because I finally snapped, and I would be fired for insubordination.  In fact, that was exactly what friends thought when I started telling them I was fired two days ago.

You see, I have a very smart mouth.  I should qualify that, but I won’t for the time being.

I wasn’t actually fired for that.  Officially, I’ve been fired as a violation of company policy in that I discriminated against a worker.  The company I worked for has a policy of sending out the best worker with the right skills for a job.  The idea is to ensure the customer will be happy, and the worker won’t come back without a missing finger (or in some cases, not at all.)

The worker in question came in from giving a ride at pay out to another worker.  I’d just come back from vacation, and will admit I wasn’t at my best.  In fact, I was only popping in to take care of the office before a long weekend.  An opening came up for one of our customers for the following Tuesday after the holiday.

The worker coming back from the customer was curious if it had been filled yet.  Not thinking, I said no.  Then, the guy giving him a ride asked if he could go.

I told him no.

Of course, he asks if its because he’s too old, because he’d been passed by a lot with previous work.  Truthfully, we had a small pie to work with, and sometimes people just can’t get a piece.

I slipped, and told him “yes.”  He threw a temper tantrum.  Knowing a few things about the worker, I worried a bit when he went out to his truck.  I immediately called by boss so they knew where to start looking if I was fished out of the river.

Yes, he was an older worker, but an older worker with serious health problems that would keep him from loading canvas tents in our 90+ weather in Terre Haute.  They’d been averaging eight to twelve hour days since the before I went on vacation. This work could have killed him.  By the company’s policies, there was no reason why I should sent this particular worker.  I had already tried with similar jobs with him, and his legs could not keep up in cooler weather with less strenuous activity.

My said it should be fine, and it’ll work out.  We didn’t hear anything official about it until last week.  We all received calls about it from corporate.  I told them my side of things, and they told me it should all be okay.  They even made it seem like I did the right thing!

Come Tuesday, I was asked to give back my keys and not to come back.

So I need to accept that I was fired to minimize lawsuit risk, and because one man could not accept his own aging reality.  I’ve been a pot of simmering emotions for two days as I try to figure out what to do next.  I do not know if anyone’s noticed, but there’s not a whole lot of work out there right now, but I will do my best.

This does open up opportunities for me, even if my bank account is going to take a huge hit.  I can write.  I can use this blog.  I can even work on losing some weight, but somehow I doubt that as I can also use the time to perfect my baking skills.

Onward, forwards.  To hell with Labor Ready.

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